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Hi, Everybody! I'm Sharon Cumberland, the Director of Seattle U's Creative Writing Program. I'm starting this blog so that our English majors--both CW and Lit--will know what's going on in the program--our readings, our trips to the opera, our free "Writer's Chronicles"--as well as getting information about our successful grads and their publications. This will be the place for faculty, students, alums and friends of the program to talk to each other, find out what's up,and talk about craft. Come join us!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Come get your Writer's Chronicles!

Greetings, majors, minors, tout le monde:

Here's how membership in the Associated Writer's Programs (AWP) works: You say how many majors your have in your program (we have over 100 so I said "100" to be conservative), you pay them your millions (several hundred dollars for a program our size) and you get lots of good benefits-- access to their website with all kinds of professional data and information--but most of all you get The Writer's Chronicle which is their very good magazine full of interesting articles, advice to writers, and deadlines for contests and submissions, as well as lots of ads for writing programs all over the country and the world. Nifty, yes?

Well, what I didn't realize is that they'd send enough Chronicles for all our 100+ CW majors, and that the magazine comes out with frightening regularity. When they started arriving last term in brown boxes I felt like the Sorcerer's Apprentice--no sooner would I unload one heap of magazines onto all the flat surfaces in the English Department, then another set of brown boxes would appear with another hundred magazines--and these are LARGE FORMAT magazines!

So PLEASE come get your Writer's Chronicles--English majors, English minors--Lit, CW, there's enough for everyone! The current number has articles by Cornelius Eady, a very exciting African American poet and novelist, Maxine Kumin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning formalist poet, as well as an article about creative  non-fiction by Seattle native Susan Detweiler--along with all kinds of useful information on getting your work published.

Come by and say Hi when you get your Chronicle--I'm in Casey 510, the office surrounded by stacks of brown boxes.

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